Inclusive Pong Documentation

For “Inclusive Game Design” we had to implement changes in the game to make it more accessible for people with disabilities. I’ve identified the following problems with the original game: PROBLEM: The colors, shape and size of the items on the screen are not the best for the visually impaired. Reference/source: Making Video Games Accessible: Business Justifications and Design Considerations – Brannon Zahand. SOLUTION: Add color and size settings to the game, as proposed in the following article: Making Video Games Accessible: Business Justifications and Design Considerations – Brannon Zahand. IMPLEMENTATION: I created a settings menu that allows the user … Continue reading “Inclusive Pong Documentation”

Reading assignment

For “Computers for the Rest of You” we had to read two texts about consciouness: What Consciousness is Not and Power of Now and comment on them.Here are some excerpts that I found interesting:“Consciousness actually reduces our earning abilities of this type, let alone not being necessary for them.”“Members of a psychology class were asked to compliment any girl at the college wearing red. Within a week the cafeteria was a blaze of red (and friendliness), and none of the girls was aware of being influenced.”“At this point, we can at least conclude that it is possible – possible I … Continue reading “Reading assignment”

Pong Flash Game

For “Inclusive Game Design” we had to improve on this Pong game in Flash… what I did was the following: – score decreases instead of increasing– added color to the ball so that it can be seen better– added a pause between scoring points (click mouse to continue)– added a game over state– allow player to move stick around – actually makes game playing harder Here it is:

The KISS Principle

Now this is a great solution! They definitely understand the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid – forget Microsoft’s multi-touch table, Apple’s iPhone and other research projects (here) – these guys came up with a very clever way of doing a touch surface to control the mouse using your fingers, a plastic bag and some water with color! Check it out: dyeSight $2 Multi-Touch Pad

Computational Forms

This is the 4th class I am taking – “Computational Forms” taught by Jared Schiffman – a class that will look at building and creating 3D forms programmatically using C and openGL… yikes! Should be very interesting. One of my goals in this class is to create more efficient code for the eye tracking/photo rating tool that I have been working on for the past year (SPiRT)- Java was great for the first prototypes but to really create an efficient display application that tracks the eyes, rates the pictures and creates a database/web site with the findings I will have … Continue reading “Computational Forms”

Machinimia Google Earth

For our first homework for “From Physical to Virtual Spaces and Back” taught by Jean-Marc Gauthier, we had to capture our first experience within a virtual world… I played around with Google Earth.I went to São Paulo, NY, and Tokyo to compare the amount of information each city has within Google Earth.I was actually surprised at the amount of information São Paulo has – I was expecting that of NY for obvious reasons – and then was surprised (ok – not so much) at how detailed the 3D buildings in Tokyo are.At the end I played around with the flight … Continue reading “Machinimia Google Earth”