Day 66 – Puno to La Paz

We are unstoppable!
Woke up at 6 and went over to the bike and saw two more problems totaling 4.
I had found 2 severed wires last night leading to the voltage regulator – that meant that the battery wasn’t being charged.
This morning I found the power cable to the starter was also with a bad contact.
And the 4th problem – dead battery.
Basically the battery wasn’t being charged – when the power level went below a certain point the speedometer, rpm gauge and fuel injection systems went dead.
Then the starter would try to start the bike but the wire would disconnect from power leaving the impression that it was something serious.
So I found an electrician who is referred to by “scientifico” because he fixed the modern electric cars.
He charged my battery and then soddered the broken wires together.
Ride to La Paz was uneventful but good and chilly.
Border crossing went relatively smooth but took some time.
Arrival in La Paz was cool and we found a nice hotel called Europa
which unfortunately has Internet problems so again no videos 🙁
They gave us an upgrade though – we got a full apartment!!

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