About me

I am currently living in Santa Barbara, working for LinkedIn Learning as a Content Producer for our online courses in English. I am also recording some courses for our Brazilian Portuguese library.

LDT (2015-2016)

I concluded a Masters in Education from the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.

“The program prepares professionals to design and evaluate educationally informed and empirically grounded learning environments, products, and programs that effectively employ emergent technologies in a variety of settings.”, LDT website

My area of interest was on course publication platforms, lesson planing and curriculum construction tools. I explored ways to facilitate and scaffold experts in the process of creating a course in online or blended environments. How might we go beyond the “course on creating a course” and provide a step-by-step guide on how to plan, structure, and deliver the course?

Thank you to the Lemann Foundation for making this possible.

“Founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, the Lemann Foundation is a non-for-profit family organization. Through our initiatives and actions we seek to contribute so that by 2018 Brazil will have high-quality innovative solutions in the educational life of 30 million people; 200,000 more teachers able to guarantee the learning of all students; a clear standard of high expectations about what all students are required to learn and 65 leaders promoting and accelerating high-impact social transformations.”

iai? (2009-2016)

In 2009, I started the Interactive Arts Institute, a school and a software house that eventually focused on mobile app development. The dream is to work with hardware, software and design that integrates the physical, the virtual and the emotional contexts. The mission is to demystify technology, learn by teaching, teach by learning and answer the question: iai? how does it work? [ee-ah-ee : it means “so? how does it work]

The software house creates apps for other companies and the school offers courses for beginners, developers, kids, designers, project managers, and entrepreneurs. My dream was to be able to offer these courses to more people and more effectively. I realized I knew little about Ed Tech – so I decided to go back to school.

Motorcycle adventure: New York to São Paulo (Oct-Dec, 2008 )

My passion for adventure took over and I decided to go back to Brazil on a motorcycle. 80 days on the road advancing around 250 miles each day, with some minor pauses along the way. Blogged the entire journey: Moto NY-SP blog posts

Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) – NYU (2006-2008)

Yes – back to school – in 2008 I got my Master’s in the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU’sTisch School of the Arts. It was the inspiration for the school. There I focused on user experience and interaction design, as well as learning how to program for the recently launched iPhone. My thesis project, Pocket Learning, was a mobile app where students could take courses, along with a simple content publication tool that made it easier for teachers to create courses (recurring theme?).

The motivation to get this degree came from working several years in the mobile content market. I felt that the business model and the available technologies for content consumption via mobile were stagnant. I had the intention of exploring new ways of delivering content with technology.

Ringtones.com (2003-2006)

At that point I was working for Mobile Stream’s as their Brazilian representative of the Ringtones.com brand. The job entailed closing the deals with mobile networks, content providers, music editors and artists, media networks and coordinate the development team who worked on customizations and integrations with the billing and content delivery systems.

Bionnovation (2003-2003)

In a period of transition I worked as an Industrial Engineer / developer for the first time. The company was purchasing new machines but had no control over what should be produced when nor how much material to buy and when to order. I pulled out my production planning books and devised a system to optimize their production planning, stock control, and purchasing schedules.

Longo Vision (2002-2003)

The transition was from a creative period where I decided to try out video making professionally. It resulted in some editing work for TV shows, making-of and key role in constructing the narrative of a documentary film. Here are the videos. I’ve had this passion for video making since college where I got a certificate in video making over a summer at NYU.

Oi (2001-2002)

Prior to making videos, I participated in the construction of a mobile network – the first GSM operator of Brazil. There I coordinated the RFPs, negotiations and technical implementations of all the content and media services. With a team of engineers, I interfaced with the IT and marketing departments to evaluate new products and technical integrations.

Zip.Net (2000-2001)

Before Oi, I was working for Zip.Net – a horizontal content portal who also offered free emails in Brazil. My project was to implement the first WAP portal in Latin America in conjunction with Telesp Celular called WAAAP. It was a huge undertaking where we implemented a CMS to handle the cross-publication of web and wap sites automatically, besides handling all the information deck and third party integrations.

Sailing adventure: Miami – Portugal – Brazil (1999 )

My best friend from high school invited me to cross the Atlantic with him. I could not resist. We bought a racing boat and adapted it for cruising, a 4 month long endeavor. We then sailed off to Bermuda, Azores, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and Brazil – Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Bela. Here are some pictures.

American Management Systems (AMS) (1997-1999)

Continuing the trip back in time, I implemented Lotus Notes interfaces for the management team that was leading a team of 300 consultants. The project was to upgrade New York city’s financial and adjudication systems from mainframes to a Windows based architecture. One of the projects was a small training management system that enrolled, scheduled, and assessed the 7000 city employees who had to be trained. I also participated in the re-design of the processes for the Adjudication Centers of New York city’’s financial department.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)  (1993-1997)

When I graduated from high school in 1993, I was undecided between going film school or going for an engineering degree. This existential doubt was undoubtedly created from being the son of an architect who’s dream is to join function and aesthetics; creativity with technology: Eduardo Longo. His urban project consists of spherical house apartment buildings. He built 2 prototypes in São Paulo: Rua Amauri and Rua Galia. I ended up going for a B.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering at Rensselaer (RPI) in Troy, NY. But I kept my passion going by taking several courses in multimedia, video-making, photography and electronic arts.

High Schools (1987-1993)

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who decided my sister and I should attend American and British schools and a father who supported it. I attended St. Paul’s SchoolGraded School, and the International School of Milan.

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