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2016 – 2015 Stanford GSE-LDT

2015 – 2009 IAI

2009 – 2008 Moto

2008 – 2006 ITP

2006 – 2003

2003 – 2003 Bionnovation

2003 – 2002 Longo Vision

2002 – 2001 Oi

2001 – 2000 Zip

1999 – 1999 Couer de Lion

1999 – 1997 AMS

1997 – 1993 Rensselaer

1993 – 1987 St. Paul's School São Paulo

1987 – 1986 ISM

1986 – 1977 Graded_logo_new13



I use this site to keep a history of things that I created during my career and as a repository of projects.

Please connect with me through my profile on LinkedIn, where you are starting to post content again.

For something more pessoal, follow me on Instagram where I share some two my hobbies such as photography, mountain biking, paragliding and dogs.

Short Bio

Lucas has a B.S. degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer (RPI), Troy, NY, a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP), New York University (NYU), and a Master of Learning, Design & Technology (LDT) , program at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

It has been working with mobile technologies since 2000 with functions of product management, business development and technical consultant for content porters, mobile operators and content providers / aggregators.

His interests include product management, software architecture, learning science, adventure travel, photography, multimedia technologies and the intersection of human cognition and computer interface design.

Nowadays, he is working atLinkedIn Learning as an educational content producer and author of courses in Portuguese.

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