Monday Bike in Barcelona

Went on a quick tour of the city on the bike today. Sagrada Familia, Placa Espanha, and the Fort. Quite small the city – will have to explore outside of town as well.
Here are the pictures… wondering what format to post the pictures… thumbnail only or this slideshow… any ideas?

Barecelona day 2

Woke up late these past 2 days and going to the beach on the bike – at the airport I regret bringing it but when I reassemble it and ride it around its the best. Got a flat on the first day but was expecting it – that tube was about 15 years old 🙂
Barcelona reminds me of Rio – not only the obvious beach town aspect of it but also the young hippy crowd mixed with tourists and older locals. Interesting town – not convinced that it would be a city I would consider living in.

Portugal to Spain

On to the next destination – drove the rental car from Joao’s haras – tried to get the ferry but it was shut down due to some military exercises going on so had to go back through the “autostrada”.
Got to the airport in good time, returned the car, checked in the bike and ate some lunch. Slept the entire way to Barcelona on the plane.
On arrival Karin picked me up and we went to run some errands of hers. Got to Ale’s place, dropped my stuff off and went to eat some dinner – tapas – with her boyfriend.
After that went to the metro and on to the beach where Ale was holding a small birthday party. A bunch of very cool Brazilian people hanging out on the beach. We all ended up at his place talking till 4 in the morning! Great start 🙂

Lazy day

Andrea and Sarah came over from Lisbon to visit us yesterday. Relaxed at the beach then had a great pasta with crab at Joao’s place at night. Another day and some more photos 🙂

Leaving tomorrow to Barcelona – had a great time here – always very well taken care of when in Portugal!

Wine Cellar

Joao took me to the local wine cellar here in Comporta – Herdades de Comporta.

Also spoke to his horse care taker – he is from Brazil and from the same region where we have a farm in Parana – he was born in Lunardelli and grew up in Sao Joao do Ivai – what a small world!

More Portugal

Having a great time here with Joao – went for a bike ride this morning in the intense heat and dryness of the sandy soil of this region. Had some great food at a beach restaurant close to his house.

After lunch I went off into Lisbon again to visit the Maritime Museum and change my flight to Barcelona. Going to have some friends over tomorrow so it was too much to leave on Thursday morning.

Check out these storks (Cegonhas) – the nest right on the posts next to the road!

In Portugal!

After a 2 hour delay in NY because of storms the flight took off… as usual I fell asleep, not before asking the flight attendant to wake me up for the film. Good film with Edward Norton and Naomi Watts – The Painted Veil – takes place in China.
DAY 1 – Got to Portugal and hopped in a cab to Joao’s place… outside of Lisbon in Comporta…
Got some pictures on the ferry boat ride over:

Finally got to his place after about one hour – very nice place all in wood and with a WOLF… along his other 3 dogs and horses.

Went to lunch at “Aqui Ha Peixe” and had some “Arroz com Chocos” – black rice with a kind of octopus with the ink – excellent. Andrea arrived shortly after amidst the caipirinhas… watched the sunset, the moon rise and finally made it home at around 1 in the morning – excellent welcome day!
DAY 2 – went to Lisbon with Andrea, bought a pre-paid phone number so that I can be “connected” and a universal power plug adapter to power up my toys 🙂
Then went to see Ellipse Foundation exposition. Interesting art work and very cool place.
After picking up her Spanish friend – Mario – from a 5 day Tai-Chi retreat, we went to Guincho – one the best windsurfing spots in the world – was dying to go in as well – the wind was blowing at around 35knots and there was a wave competition going on, so obviously took the camera out and fired away.

We then went to SushiMoto in Estoril to eat and met up with Sarah, a friend of hers. We ended up in a bowling alley – loads of fun – also played some pool and video games.
Ended up crashing at Andrea’s place because Joao’s place is just a tad too far to go at night (1 hour from Lisbon).
DAY 3 – rented a car to be mobile, took a look at the Marina de Cascais which was opening when I was last here in 1999, and came back to Joao’s place – fixed the internet so now back online!!!