A happy customer :)

Begin forwarded message:

> Hi Lucas and Corey,
> I just wanted to let you both know that I thought the driveby on
> thursday was incredibly well done. I don’t think it could be a
> harder challenge to present such a HUGE subject in only an hour and
> to such a diverse audience. I thought the presentation you gave was
> absolutely perfect and really took into consideration everyone in
> the room and what the itp community wants. Way to go !
> I was really impressed.
> just thought I’d share…
> thanks and enjoy your sunday!
> taylor

ITP Show Picture

Every semester, after the show, the staff and students put ITP back into its normal position and poses for the traditional photo:

Here are the previous photos. Amazing to see how much ITP is growing every year and how Todd’s photos are getting better and better 🙂

Now it's really over :)

Monday and Tuesday the ITP Spring Show was on. I had a great spot to show Pocket Learning. It was very well received and I was flooded with new ideas and potential developments for it. Very exciting. More pictures here.

I'm done!? ITP Complete!

Presented my thesis (video coming soon) today and suddenly it really hit that my 2 years at ITP are complete!! 
What a ride! Mind opening. Humbling and empowering. 
Quoting my friend Kim Grinfeder, “After ITP you will look at technology in a new way.” 
Well – it’s not over till it’s over! We still have the ITP Spring Show this Monday and Tuesday where we will be presenting our projects to the visiting crowd!
Amazing 🙂