Job Search

Went again to BEAM (ex-Career Development Center) today to consult with them about my resume and onilne profile. Great advice that resulted in a new version of my resume and website’s new look 🙂

Resume update

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.09.23 PM.png

Stanford’s BEAM office (ex-Career Development Center) has a great (free) service to help any student with their resume, cover letter, and online profiles. Went their today to update my resume – very helpful! Highly recommend it. Will post my updated resume here once it has been updated.


EdClub – happy hour

Went to the EdClub meeting Monday afternoon.

“The Education Club engages Stanford business and education school students in discussions about education issues, their role in education, and business’ role in education.”

Interesting to find out more about the joint MA/MBA program.