Day 45 – Las Lajas to Panama City

Another short post since we are at the airport trying to send our
bikes out tonight to Bogota. We wanted to send them and fly to
Medellin but that would only happen on Wednesday so we'll go to Bogota
and ride to Medellin.
Got a LOT of rain today. At a restaurant at the airport – still wet 🙂
Will probably stay in Panama City tonight and fly out early in the
morning to Bogota.

From Motorcycle NY to SP

4 respostas para “Day 45 – Las Lajas to Panama City”

  1. yes. why? 🙂 I guess that’s most of everyone first reaction.
    btw- painful to look at your allergy pics. glad it’s all good now.

  2. so you’ re flying, this is a surprise…
    take care in bogota and medelin, lots of ladroes around.
    you look good,anyway, and I am sure it was the langostines.
    have a safe trip both of you.
    we are always praying for you both.
    Kisses Suzana

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