Day 37 – San Salvador to San Miguel

This post is dedicated to Mario who has been an incredible host to us here in El Salvador.
Yesterday he met us down by the coast and drove us into to town, took us to the motorcycle dealer, dinner, hotel and all.
Today he came to our hotel at 6:45am to take us to the dealer again! The mechanic drained some of the oil off of Marc’s bike, cleaned the air filter and didn’t charge a penny! Great start of the day!
We then went to Mario’s house and did some laundry!! Awesome!
He then took us to the volcano near the city and then lunch – this time we were faster than him and were able to pay for it – last night he pretended to go to the bathroom and paid the bill!! Thanks again Mario.

From Motorcycle NY to SP

We then called in to get news about the package we were expecting and were told that the candy in the package needed to be approved by the Ministry of Health!
We decided to go ahead to San Miguel – Friday night – it would never go through…
Two hours later we arrived in San Miguel at a Comfort Inn – 100% up to specification – exactly like a Comfort Inn you would see in the US – and with a REALLY fast internet! 2Mb download and 1.5Mb upload!! Very impressive.
And guess what – the package went through customs – about the time we got to San Miguel – oh well – we’ll figure some way of forwarding it to Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama.
Posted some new pictures I grabbed from Marc’s camera and some from today:

From Motorcycle NY to SP

And the video…

5 Replies to “Day 37 – San Salvador to San Miguel”

  1. 1) you were standing again on the dirt road, weren’t u? hehehehehe
    2) carro do ghostbusters = rabecão! who’d drive a funerary car??? lord!
    3) “my bike feels like butter” meant that it was slippery or smooth?
    4) mandarin = mandarin oriental? noooo

    Sensa the volcano & Mario gente bonissima! 🙂

  2. hehe – standing on the dirt road – really bumpy ride.
    Bike is butter smooth 🙂
    The ghostbuster car was a funerary car 🙂 Mario’s comment was “it’s your last parking space!”
    Mandarin? When did I say that?

  3. I am posted as April, because Aviva was taken…can you believe that! He he
    Lucas great great videos. We just love keeping up with all the comments and photos.

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