Photos and Videos Day 9

Here are the pictures and a video – long again but now that I figured out the right position and level for the mic I feel like talking and describing what’s going during the trip… let me know if I should make them shorter or if they are good like that 🙂

One Reply to “Photos and Videos Day 9”

  1. when you left the road isnt it dangerous to find a snake?
    and what about dears crossing the road?
    anyway, lots of fun cruising the US with you, while this same US is going through a such difficult period followed by the whole planet ….but there is no crisis on top of the motorcycle and in these small towns, apparently…
    q aflicao ver vc guiar, falar, sentir sua respiracao cansada…e vc estar sozinho…como faz p/ calcular gas?
    and the next town?
    ok, you have a map….but when you enter side roads…q medo….
    something you dont have in your vocabulary, fortunatly!

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