Now in Beijing – crazy city – full of smog, people, cars, and bycicles. I decided not to unpack my bike once again because it is just too crazy and if I get lost there would be no way to ask for directions. Plus the cabs here are extremely cheap.
Met up with John Chen – a friend from college who lives here with his wife and kid – showing me around the nice restaurants in town and a bit of the night life. Very interesting.
Went to the Forbidden City today – very impressive and huge but the day did not contribute too much for sighseeing. Apparently they force rain whenever there are any rain clouds around – so that is what they did today. Very light drizzle, but I was told that every single day it is foggy because of the pollution. Next year all building stops because of the Olympics. That will probably allow the people in Beijing to see some blue in the skies.
Going to Tokyo on Friday – excited about that. No internet where I am staying so will be a while until I post some more pictures.

One thought on “Beijing

  1. longoeu

    i´ll look for the name and adress of the engeneer who worked for Shimizu in Tokyo to whom i exposed the LHS (longo spherical system) and asked for a price to build a perfect prototype (he said about 500.000,00 US) in 1988.
    try to see the scale model of Beijing with all the olympic stadiums, and also an ancient factory (polish?)transformed in artists ateliers and art galleries. beijos

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