Beijing Summary

Wow… lots to say here since my last entry…
First of all here are some pictures of the Forbidden City. Just getting there was tough – I had to know the name of it in Chinese so that people would know what I was talking about – had to call John to tell the taxi driver where to go.

Here’s a quick video:

Then I took a Rickshaw since I was at the exit of the city – the guy offered to take me for 10 RMB – about USD 1. I said OK… then he said that we could take a quick tour around the old Beijing City – I said sure… after 40 minutes peddling around he stops at an empty ally and says that I have to pay him for the tour – 260 RMB – about USD 30!!! I got so pissed off that walked away leaving 50 RMB with him. He screamed and yelled but I yelled louder attracting some attention saying that it was no good – he did not give the price before and that the “official” tour price was bullshit.
In any case… tourist traps…

At night John took me to eat the famous Peking Duck – amazing – really. Went with his wife, kid, nanny, driver, father and mother. We ate until we could not any more – and all for about USD 85!! Of course John did not let me pay for a single thing during my entire stay… “My city, my treat!”
The following day I went to the Great Wall with and organized tour… some tourist traps along the way but very interesting. We saw the Ming Tombs, a jade factory, a silk factory, and a traditional tea house where they explained some kinds of teas and their benefits to your body. Very interesting.
Here are some pictures and videos:
Ming Tombs and Great Wall Pics:

Ming Tombs Video:

The Great Wall:

Jade Factory:

Silk Factory: