BUSTED!! What are you looking at?

For “Computers for the Rest of You”, Caleb and I partnered up to analyze/explore what our eyes do involuntarily through a little game we are calling “BUSTED!!”.

We will present a series of videos with “tempting” material. The game is to NOT look at the more “intimate” body parts of the people in the scene. If you do – you are BUSTED!!
We will built a box where you peep into. Inside the box you will see a screen with the video clips we selected. Outside of the box another screen will show the same video clips along with an indicator of where the person is looking at. An eye tracking camera inside the box will be looking at the person’s eye and tracking it.
Here’s an example of what someone outside will see:

iBricked my iPhone but iBrought it back!

UFF!! Thought I had permanently damaged my iPhone. I accidentally did an upgrade I was not supposed to do and the phone would not restore, reactivate, recognize the SIM card and so on… After an entire afternoon and night I managed to get it going following these instructions:
Follow these instructions if you bricked an iPhone unlocked by AnySIM 1.0.2 and upgraded to 1.1.1 resulting in the “Unrecognized SIM…” a.k.a. “0049 IMEI” problem. I tried doing step 2.5 with no success but in the end it did not matter – the fix for the corrupt seczone – or “re virginizer” fixed the IMEI problem. Finally I updated to 1.1.1 in DFU mode and unshackled it by going to www.jailbreakme.com on the iPhone itself. Ufff!
And now it starts all over again with the 1.1.2 update – but apparently it’s only a minor update that does not affect the “TIF exploit” fix used in to unlock 1.1.1.

The Green Helmet

My roommate Caleb created the Green Helmet – a bike helmet with blinking LEDs recharged by solar power. Check out the instructions he created:

TOGI 11!

TOGI has now been presented to the occupational therapists at SETON who loved the character and gave some great suggestions on how to improve the game:
– Option to turn the “flashing” on and off, which could be distracting for some of their kids.
– TOGI tired and hungry should use sign language and thought bubbles to make it even more obvious what his state is
– Audio for when he is hungry and sleepy should repeat if no action is taken
Here’s the game with improved instructions and some of the modifications mentioned above: