Monthly Archives: May 2007

Last Days

Last days in “paradise” – drove to the Western Shore and the Southern Shores of the island. Also went windsurfing on the last day resulting in a hand full of blisters… totally “out of shape” for it…
Realized how lucky I am to be able to travel and know all of these places and people.

Boat Ride

Finally the weather stabilized a little and we had a full day of sun and wind – to match that we went out for a sail with all those who were still here in the island… Mark, Elena, Ricky, and Gavin (Rory’s brother) had left already so it was a “reduced” crew but still plentiful.
Beautiful day for pictures… shot more than 400 pictures… here is a selection of them:

Rainy day

Rained almost all day yesterday so caught up on some reading – Over the Edge of the World – Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe by Laurence Bergreen – very well written apart from the obvious interest I have on the story itself.
In any case, here is a short video of the “young” crowd and Eva.

Turks and Caicos

Finally here! Went to the car rental place and met Elena, Tony, and Ricky. Our house is great and not too far from the Lyra’s house nor the Grinfeder’s house.
The place is beautiful and the water is spectacularly clear. Apparently is one of those few things on earth that you can see from Space – Nasa used it as a reference point for the first astronaut that orbited earth.
Eva is very cute walking around and interacting with all of the other children in the house.
Here are some pictures:

Turks and Caicos day 1

Cat Island

Woke up early and loaded the plane up for Turks and Caicos.
We followed the original plan of landing on Cat Island to refuel but faced some weather on the way to Turks so Philip decided to be safe than so we turned back.
That evening the weather cleared out and we found ourselves in a great deserted beach with a hotel and some private summer houses, and I was able to have some more fun with the camera:

Cat Island

DC to Pomapano

Woke up at 6am to take Ricardo to the Metro station – he went back to NY taking my old Peugot mountain bike with him.
Then we went to the airport and loaded up Philip’s plane – a Trinidad – single engine – to go down to Pompano beach.
6 hours later we get to sunny Florida. We went through some spots where the smoke from the fires was so thick that we could not see much ahead, but all in all it was a calm flight. Great to observe and listen all the radio conversations and procedures you go through during a flight. Made me want to get a pilot’s license again… maybe next year – but a glider/sailplane license.
Here are some more pictures:

Pompano Beach