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Michael Hawley's Speech – Red's Class Presentation

Our team had to present a 20 minute reply to Michael Hawley‘s speech from the previous week.

The response has to be in the form of a 20 minute presentation to all of ITP’s first year students…

Here are some themes he mentioned during his presentation:

  • Joining music and computer.
  • Leaders like music.
  • The joy of playing an instrument.
  • Listening to music LIVE.
  • Permanent memory of that moment/experience
  • Instrument as a connector
  • A creative company? Get a piano!
  • Chopin had more market penetration than Microsoft has today
  • Lizst – first “real” celebrity
  • Kodak
    • Member of the board
    • Company that will probably suffer the most with this new technology revolution
  • Audio spotlight (
  • Toys of tomorrow (
  • LED – much more efficient way of lighting
  • Counter-intelligence – intelligence on your conter top (
  • A home is not a Home without a piano
  • Electronic nose – there are no “pixels” for taste, yet…
  • Disney – problem of scent display is that you have to clean the air before the next batch of visitors came in
  • Video camera + projector in one unit
  • Levis – custom made jeans
  • Dancing shoes
  • Automated embroidering machine
  • Sensors inside human body
  • Net Weight and Overview – see graph of your weight
  • Camera with GPS
  • Photomosaic
  • Tepha Net
    • Mesh network of plant sensors disguised as rocks
  • Book Mobile
    • Print books on the spot
  • Cycling fan
    • Tour de France
    • Lance Armstrong
    • Imax movie got cancelled because of other film being released
  • Buthan
    • Invited by the Royal Family
    • Population 700k
    • 100 visitors/year – 1995
    • Several languages
    • Elevation – 300 to 1900ft
    • Most preserved cultures of the world
    • HP gave him 8ft long printer
    • Framing with glass would cost 15k each photo
    • Patent on how to assemble a book that size
  • Play music on one laptop and other laptops will follow
  • More fun to make music than listen to it
  • His time: 1/3 corporate 1/3 student/teaching 1/3 music

Some links:


In response to all that we decided to focus on the music/live performance segment of his speech…

Somehow the song Girl from Ipanema emerged as the one, and since I could sing in Portuguese I was chosen to sing 🙂

Here is the result… LARGE clip… at the end you can see our replies to Red and the audience with respect to how we came up with the idea, how we did it, intentions and so on…


Frosty the snowman!!

Final project for Physical Computing…

The objective was to hack a Roomba and do something with it… so the technological challenge came prior to the content/purpose of the product…

In any case, I think we were able to coordinate the final product into a simple/goofy but cohesive product after all: