One More Surface

So… my previous surfaces were “too complex” for milling so I had to go with this one… Basically a planar surface to which I applied several sine wave deformations to obtain the result:

Jonathan Harris

Today we had the privilege of having Jonathan Harris talk to us during Nature of Code class.

He is a Computer Scientist/Artist who has done some amazing work mainly focused on data aggregation and visualization.

These were my favorite two:

Universe – an interface that looks at news on the internet
We Feel Fine – an aggregator of blog entries that talk about how the blogger feels

In the light of that, I am going to use this blog entry to test his software…

I feel amazed and in awe of the human creativity, where we think everything has been invented and then someone shows up with a brand new way of looking at the world.

Let’s see if We Feel Fine catches this entry 🙂


This code is based on Dan Shiffman’s recursive tree example… modified it a little to have different trees in terms of branch timing and branching angles…
Click to create new trees.

Finally decided to get my own domain and web hosting!

Got the portfolio I created to get into ITP up for now but working on the new layout for it. This is the first draft:

Video Performance

Self Conscious
Expanding Interactive Video – midterm

– Sitting with back to the audience, head down, eyes closed
– Eye Tracking gear on (one camera on my eye and one facing forward)
– Laptop in hand
– Ask everyone to turn on their own web cams and arrange them so people behind can see each others screens
– Music starts
– Fades from black to image of my eyes opening
– Turn and face the audience
– Start mixing the video reacting to the music