A Day in the Future

This week the homework for ICM (programming class) was NOT programming… we had to write a 2 page story about a day in the life of the future, 10 years from now…

Here it is:

A Day in the Future

Dear diary… feel strange actually calling this a diary… but somehow it makes me feel good to stick to some of that good and old terminology… put it down on “paper”… wow… really old school today!

In any case, it was a great day today! Well, except for encountering my ex-boss during my morning Sky Run… definitely time to change my every day route. Talking about change, seriously thinking about changing my AeroBike… seems like the vertical climb stabilizer unit is a little weak… can’t seem to pull off all of the usual flips and turns I enjoy doing.

Hum… let me see what actually happened. I might simply have been tired today.

Where is my Transfer Cap… oh, here it is…

// Daily brain dump initiated:
// Reading Core data:
… Vital Stats … done
… Sensorial Stimuli … done
… Visual Cortex … done
… Auditory Drums … done
… Vocal Chords … done
… Conscious Streams … done
… Sub-conscious Levels … done
… Emotional Fluctuations … done
//Compiling Core Data Presentation Level:
… Adjusting peak levels … done
… Synchronizing timeline … done
… Generating Video … done
… Generating Audio … done
… Generating Speech to Text … done
… Generating levels and graphs … done
// Thank you for using Daily Brain Scanner

So let’s start by looking at the sections where my heart rate peaked this morning. Scanning by visuals… Ah! Here it is… it was right when I was over the Bermuda region… Love doing the tricks over that area – all that dark blue ocean water and then suddenly, a small island surrounded by clear blue water.

So first loop – heart rate up there – usual muscle output levels – but something seems to be holding back my effective pedal strength.

Pulling up Sub-conscious streams… Yes, indeed… That’s it…

Seeing flashes of my ex-boss coming up to the Conscious Levels conflicting with some current job pressures and demands at the frontal lobe region.

Let me look up some documentation on sub-conscious levels interfering with muscle output… Here we go…

“Hello Lucas – from the sub-clip data transmitted – your brain command pulses to your activity muscles contain interfering noise. This noise seems to be coming from your mid-term sub-conscious memory fluctuations.”

Oh well… got to keep focused during my morning work outs.

Now lets select some cool stuff today to share with my friends on MyLife.me

I love this new version of the Daily Brain Scanner! It has some excellent new search and editing capabilities. Not to mention the 3D holographic displays it generates.

Selecting only video, audio and conscious streams from the speech I gave this morning to my students in the South Pole. Their research on solar polarization of ice caps is amazing.

Hum… will have to delete this whole section where my mind drifted off into my own research on data visualization… don’t want to bring that out into the open just yet.

//Initiate Upload
… Visual data … uploaded
… Speech to Text data … uploaded
… Conscious Streams … uploaded
// Synching timeline
// Generating Visualization holograms
// Committing and sharing with default distribution list and subscribers…

Perfect… now let’s check out what is going on with my friends… wonder if there are any cool dreams people posted today.


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