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Digital Imaging Reset Week 8

This week we talked about High Dynamic Range photography. 

You simply take 3 or 5 pictures altering the exposure from under to over exposed in steps. 
Then you combine the images which will have more information on the shadows and light areas which would normally would be too dark or too light to see detail. 
Here are some results:
I also took some pictures along the bike ride up to the George Washington bridge:

iPhone Classroom

So I’ve decided to really dive in into the iPhone Application development for my iPhone Classroom thesis project. What I had up to now was a web version – a prototype of the interface and user interaction. It did not give me the full extent of the iPhone’s interface capabilities, not to mention that you cannot turn the camera on from it. Pretty basic feature for a photography tutorial!
So I have been studying Apple’s Cocoa development environment (Objective-C) and the iPhone SDK. Slowly wrapping my head around the frameworks and how objects are handled and talk to each other within the iPhone environment. Very interesting and powerful.
I created these screen mock-ups to help me understand better all the elements I am going to have to build:

Digital Imaging Reset Week 7

This week we played some more with white balance.
The photos with the purple mat were to show that some colors are simply not possible to capture with a digital camera because they simply do not exist within the sensor’s color space.
The image processing software and hardware simply remaps the color to a color within its space.
You can get close but you will never get to the exact color with the current sensors we have today.

Thesis update

I have feverously working on my iPhone Classroom (new name) web application for the iPhone.

You may login using:
pwd: a
Or create your own 🙂 It’s all working!
Today I will present to outside reviewers who will comment on the presentation style and on the product itself.
I updated the presentation and this time I have rehearsed it a little bit more 🙂
Unfortunately you cannot see the videos on this web based PowerPoint.
If you really want to, you can see them here: