Day 76 – Foz de Iguacu

All day tourist day 🙂Tour bus picked us up at 9:10am and took us to Iguacu Falls – very cool walk along the pathways and very impressive the size, noise and amount of water of the falls. Amazingly few Brazilians – most Argentineans and Europeans… interesting… well… not so surprising – I’ve lived in Brazil most of my life and never even thought of coming here to see this!After the falls we stopped at a buffet style restaurant where we ate a bit – well – more like a lot – feijoada, cupim, farofa, guarana, suco de acerola and all … Continue reading “Day 76 – Foz de Iguacu”

TED Talks

Some of the TED Talks I liked in no particular order…  Heard 79 of them these past two days riding… still in  2006 🙂 An atheist’s call to arms – Richard Dawkins (2002)Design is in the details – Paul Bennett (2005)12 sustainable design ideas from nature – Janine Benyus (2005)Hardware solutions to everyday problems – Saul Griffith (2006)The rise of the amateur professional – Charles Leadbeater (2005)Three things to know before you ski to the North Pole – Ben Saunders (2005)Why are we happy? Why aren’t we happy? – Dan Gilbert (2004)The paradox of choice – Barry Schwartz (2005)What we … Continue reading “TED Talks”