God Grew Tired of Us; The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

Amazing documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan. They were refugees from Sudan living in a camp for 10 years. They get some kind of aid from the States and get integrated. They had never seen electricity! Now they are working here legaly and sending money back – helping the ones left behind They were a bunch of kids from 5 to 15 years old when they left Sudan There were 27,000 of them. They walked 1000 miles 12,000 arrived. Then lived in one camp for 2 years, Walked another 700 miles I think to another camp where they stayed … Continue reading “God Grew Tired of Us; The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan”

First Homework Posting

This one is for Ubiquitous Computing for Mobile Devices… Had to analyze a mobile application web site. Here it is: Groovr Groovr is a tool to share where you are, what you are doing, and what it looks like to a bunch of friends or to the whole world using your cell phone. You can check where your friends are, create places, add comments, upload pictures and create groups. And if you have a camera phone you can upload your pictures as well. The interface to browse through users/places and their pictures is very intuitive and smooth – simple and … Continue reading “First Homework Posting”