First day of classes

Good to be back and feel the creative, innovative, and diverse energy all the students have in this program. First class – Ubiquitous Computing for Mobile Devices Basically going to look at what is common amongst the majority of the phones out there and develop using the lowest common denominator to start off with. Going to be interesting to learn how to do a lot of the things I have in the past told my programmers to figure out… Also going to be interesting because I will be able to input a lot of information about the technology that I … Continue reading “First day of classes”

Back at Morton

Apt is aok… funilly enough I ran the thought of what could have gone wrong during my absence… In any case, back to my routine of cleaning up the computer and orgranizing photos and videos. Weather is unbelievably mild… 12 degrees yesterday and 5 today – supposed to freeze on Wed… Excited for the next semester but again with no real expectations… Have to start thinking about a greater intention or motivation in my work… artistically, conceptually, spiritually, politically… something that would be a north, objective, goal, guide…. But maybe my strength lies not on creation but on development, refinements, … Continue reading “Back at Morton”