Went to Kowloon again to watch the fireworks celebrating the 10 years of the handover to China. It was absolutely packed… so many people. Went with Thomas and his kid Alexis – very cute and smart kid 🙂 Rode the subway for the first time – ultra high tech. There are no dividers between the cars – the entire train is a continuum making it very cool to look down the train and see it bend on the turns. You use the Octopus card – you simply hold it close to a reader and your fare is paid – the … Continue reading “Fireworks”

Interesting Details

The taxi doors open by themselves – the drives controls them. Every building has plastic bags to wrap your umbrellas in not to wet the floors inside. It’s clean – very clean – I did not see one single cigarette but on the floor. Trash cans with ash trays are everywhere. The Ferrys cost about 10 USD cents – the ones that go farther away like to Lama Island costs about 1.25 USD. Bamboo is used as scaffolding. Taxes here are only 16%. The only things that are taxed here are alcohol, cigarettes, cars, and gas. I might be missing … Continue reading “Interesting Details”

Hong Kong – Kowloon

Besides being humid (90% humidity) it has been raining all day long for the past two days. Took a “day off” on Friday and on Saturday was “forced” to stay in because the rain was relentless… well I actually tried my luck by going to Kowloon (in front of Hong Kong island) but the rain did not stop – so I hung around yet another shopping mall and went back to the hotel.At night went out with Thomas and some of his friends. Very fun dinner at Tapas and then went to a members only club called Key Club. Lots … Continue reading “Hong Kong – Kowloon”