Hong Kong – Kowloon

Besides being humid (90% humidity) it has been raining all day long for the past two days. Took a “day off” on Friday and on Saturday was “forced” to stay in because the rain was relentless… well I actually tried my luck by going to Kowloon (in front of Hong Kong island) but the rain did not stop – so I hung around yet another shopping mall and went back to the hotel.
At night went out with Thomas and some of his friends. Very fun dinner at Tapas and then went to a members only club called Key Club. Lots of fun but I was beat from the past two days of partying and went home around 2am.
Today the rain stopped so I went back to Kowloon and walked around the Walled City Garden – not too exciting. Then went into yet another shopping mall where there was some kind of show.
Today is the 10 year anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from England to China. Should be some major fireworks tonight.