I am loving this country and as I said previously it’s the “civilized” country of South America… and maybe a bit too “civilized”.Check out their Coats of Arms:Por la razon o la fuerza!!?  By reason or by force!!?  In these times of terrorism, political correctness, and ecology don’t you think they should consider changing this!? Just feels a little creepy to me and reminds of me of Pinochet… 

Day 69 – Arica to Iquique

Allright!! Moving forward again!!But first an update from last night… we ran into two Argentineans who were leading a motorcycle trip around this area… they were the guides of a group of friends who had already left back to Buenos Aires by plane. Nice guys… This morning we went to court and my guess was right – we got summoned because the guy from SAG – Servicios Agricolas e Ganaderos – was pissed that the guys from immigration and customs were ignoring him and not sending people to his booth… well not quite like that but we were the second … Continue reading “Day 69 – Arica to Iquique”