Day 69 – Arica to Iquique

Allright!! Moving forward again!!
But first an update from last night… we ran into two Argentineans who were leading a motorcycle trip around this area… they were the guides of a group of friends who had already left back to Buenos Aires by plane. Nice guys…
This morning we went to court and my guess was right – we got summoned because the guy from SAG – Servicios Agricolas e Ganaderos – was pissed that the guys from immigration and customs were ignoring him and not sending people to his booth… well not quite like that but we were the second or third case this week which had missed some steps at that border.
The judge, a nice lady, who I think is one of the Argentinean’s “girlfriend”, took our statement and told us that since nothing wrong was found in our bags nothing would happen to us. She also said that she understood that the procedures were not too clear and said that there were some animosity between the public sectors at that border. Our statements would be used to improve that process!! Cool!
We then went to Carlo’s place to see if the parts (break pads and visor for helmet) were going to arrive today or not – they weren’t. So we decided to leave.
We thanked him profusely for his help and gave him a bottle of wine and one of whiskey.
As we were about to leave, Mauricio – Carlos’ son – stopped by to say goodbye and then proceeded to drive us out to the highway also giving us some tips on where to stay in Iquique!
Thanks to the Herrera Guierra family!!
Here’s Carlos washing my bike 🙂

From Motorcycle NY to SP

The drive was ok – desert again but with some massive sand dunes again and a bit of crosswinds.
My rear tire is now wobbling a little at high speeds – annoying but nothing serious at all.
For some reason we were both tired and had to take some breaks even though it was only a 4 hour ride.
We got to Iquique and found a mechanic who had my breaks, used but in much better shape than the ones I had one!! I could not believe it! He also checked my rear tire and confirmed that there was nothing to do other than get new ones and not to worry about it.
Now at the hotel Mauricio recommended and going to dinner soon.
Very happy to be back in motion 🙂