Teacher PD – Week 9 – Class Notes

Did a great group activity of proposing an online PD to the rest of the class: Affordances and limitations of going to scale via online PD and by preparing PD facilitators Affordance is something you may afford / buy – it’s on the shelf, it’s available but you might choose or not be able to buy it. Limitation is something that is absent from the shelf – it’s not available Were the teachers required to participate in the PD? Was there data on the online participation?

Teacher PD – Week 9 – Reading Notes

Borko, H., Koellner, K., & Jacobs, J. (2011). Meeting the challenges of scale: The importance of preparing professional development leaders. Teachers College Record, Date Published: March 04, 2011. http://www.tcrecprd.org ID Number: 16358. What Must Math Professional Development Leaders Know and Be Able to Do? Engaging teachers in productive mathematical work Have to give more than SCK but also multiple forms of representations and how to lead discussions about common misconceptions Leading discussions about student reasoning and instructional practices Must maintain focus and anchor discussions Analyze student work and videos is practice Building a professional community PD leaders must establish norms … Continue reading “Teacher PD – Week 9 – Reading Notes”

Beyond Bits and Atoms – Week 8 – Reading Notes

Eyeo 2014 – Leah Buechley Thinking about Making Humans are natural makers Demographics Predominantly men and white or asian Has nothing changed? Maker’s movement promise not achieved Does not reach a wide demographic Is not affordable to lower income classes Investment is guided towards the same old people. Every child is a maker Telling minorities they should aspire to be rich white men What is showcased on MakeMagazine Leaves tons left unseen Limited in scope (electronics) Why hasn’t the LoRider movement get any funds for a non-profit? Art & Tech should be funded LoRider ‘engineers’ Grand Master Flash -(DJ) – hacked the … Continue reading “Beyond Bits and Atoms – Week 8 – Reading Notes”

Curriculum Construction – Week 8 – Reading Notes

Eisner, E. (April 2002). The Kind of Schools We Need. Phi Delta Kappan, pp. 576-583. Education is not a science (more of an art) and assessments can’t be void of judgment “Artistry and professional judgment will, in my opinion, always be required to teach well, to make intelligent education policy, to establish personal relationships with our students, and to appraise their growth.” (Eisner, 2002, p577) “Although good teaching uses routines, it is seldom routine. Good teaching depends on sensibility and imagination. It courts surprise. It profits from caring. In short, good teaching is an artistic affair.” (Eisner, 2002, p578) Kinds … Continue reading “Curriculum Construction – Week 8 – Reading Notes”

Teacher PD – Week 8 – Class Notes

Groups of 4 discussed the readings. My group discussed Heller: Heller: Differential Effects of Three Professional Development Models on Teacher Knowledge and Student Achievement in Elementary Science Conceptual Framework 3 Phase of Research PD Quantitative and Qualitative Research mix Same content but differing methodologies PD Interventions/Conditions Conditions Teaching Cases Dilemmas of practice Focuses on student body diversity Looked at other teacher’s cases Cases were used as models – good for scalability Looking at Student Work Only intervention teachers were implementing the work in the classroom Assessments became more informative about student knowledge and misconceptions Metacognitive Analysis Control Groups All had … Continue reading “Teacher PD – Week 8 – Class Notes”

Teacher PD – Week 8 – Reading Notes

Heller, J.I., Daehler, K.R., Wong, N., Shinohara, M., & Maritrix, L.W. (2012). Differential effects of three professional development models on teacher knowledge and student achievement in elementary science. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (3): 333-362. Study’s sample 6 states 270 elementary teachers 7000 students Same science content components Teacher intervention types: Teaching Cases Design Goals Examine students’ science ideas as they pertained to key concepts in electric circuits,   critically analyze trade-offs among instructional options, See content as central and intertwined with pedagogy Focus on the specific content and curricula being taught. PD Activities Analyzing the student work … Continue reading “Teacher PD – Week 8 – Reading Notes”