Internship Check-In & Final Reflection

Check-in 3 Integration: Start to think about how this internship integrates with your overall learning experience this quarter.  Where did your courses inform your internship?  Where did your internship inform your class experiences? Response My internship has been a culmination of all of most of my LDT courses since I am seeing firsthand what it means to create a full online course at VPTL. Even though most of the work I have been assigned is more towards the labor intensive side of things, as opposed to the intellectual creation of the material, being in touch with all the content and seeing what … Continue reading “Internship Check-In & Final Reflection”

Internship – Week 6

Met with Alison to talk about helping Professor Thomas Schultz with the creation of an online course on Schoenberg’s Opus. Also met with Grace earlier this week to talk about my Master’s project and summer internship – decided to go forward with it to get more experience in Instructional Design and the difficulties one faces when planning and creating online courses. Good stuff 🙂    

Job Search

This week had 2 informational sessions on a future job, besides starting to send out my resume and apply for jobs online. The first informational session was on Tuesday with Udemy. Spoke to one of their employees about the company’s management style, corporate culture, compensations, benefits and so on. Sounds like a great place to work. Now I have to keep my eye open for open positions. The second one was with IXL, a company that creates online content for K-12. This was a group informational session. Interesting company and sounds like it’s very profitable and doing well.  

Internship – Week 4 – Check-in Assignment

Prompt:  Quick reflection: What have you learned in terms of new skills and as well as insights through your internship work?  What questions has it raised?   Do you have any concerns you would like help with or triumphs to share? Response:  The internship at VPTL is going well even though I am doing mostly content revision with the occasional multimedia task of creating explanatory diagrams, adding explanatory elements of photos, and doing minor edits on videos. To be fair, I have started to write some content that will go into the course and have been updating the OpenEdX platform itself giving me some … Continue reading “Internship – Week 4 – Check-in Assignment”

Internship – Week 2.1 – Notes

Did my Monday 2 hours worth of work but felt it was not extremely productive in terms on continuity. To be fair the last 40 mintues were with Grace going over what I’ve done before. Going to stick to the schedule this week to test it out and maybe change to 3 hour chunks… let’s see. In any case, going down the To Do list and starting to get more hands-on and actually creating some minor peices of content.

Internship – Week 1 – Notes

Thursday: Had a great update session with Grace going over the comments I had on completing the To Do list items, what to do next, and quite a bit about my Master’s project. This will be a great opportunity to understand how I could better serve the needs of online instructors. Friday: Early in the morning the LDT students who are doing internships this quarter met with Karin. Shared out what each one is doing, questions, support, and check-ins. Amazed by the variety of things people are working on. Virgin Airways, Google, Alt Schools, d.School, and Canter Museum to name a few. … Continue reading “Internship – Week 1 – Notes”

Internship – Week 1 – Platform Overview

Went to get the Open EdX ‘platform demo’ by Monica Diaz, Course Operations Specialist. Great information about the backend of Open EdX and how Stanford operates it. Great conversations about the different LMSs, especially Canvas. Have to install both Open EdX and Canvas on my server to understand their innerworkings a little bit better. 

VPTL – Weekly Event

Participated in VPTL’s weekly update meeting. Was fascinated to understand more about their role on campus, which ranges from setting up the classroom’s technologies all the way defining the course evaluation and teacher assessments all students and all professors on campus use. The latest change occured last quarter where professors are now able create custom questions to better understand how well their course is perceived by the students. A general question about meeting the learning objectives of the course is placed for the students in case the teacher does not customize the question.