Internship – Week 4 – Check-in Assignment


Quick reflection:

What have you learned in terms of new skills and as well as insights through your internship work?  What questions has it raised?  

Do you have any concerns you would like help with or triumphs to share?


The internship at VPTL is going well even though I am doing mostly content revision with the occasional multimedia task of creating explanatory diagrams, adding explanatory elements of photos, and doing minor edits on videos. To be fair, I have started to write some content that will go into the course and have been updating the OpenEdX platform itself giving me some interesting insights. 

It has been very interesting to see the behind-the-scenes work and organization necessary to create an online course. I am satisfied to see that it was not only a personal perception that it is a daunting task – it really is an extremely labor intensive and meticulous job. 

Since the content of the course I am working on is about creating online courses, the content material is of extreme interest. I feel I am killing two birds with one stone.