LDT Seminar – Final – Fall Quarter Reflection

Assignment Evaluate your own contributions to seminar based on this rubric. Explore your own learning inside and outside of class in a brief reflection paper (1-2 pages).   Below Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations Attendance* Misses two or more seminars. Comes late or leaves early. Does not inform instructor of absence in advance. Attends all of seminar, or misses one, with very good excuse (e-mailed to instructor ahead of time). Always on time. Organizes extra learning opportunities for other learners. Assignments** Assignments are late, incomplete, or poorly executed. Assignments are turned in on time. All outside work is turned in … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Final – Fall Quarter Reflection”

LDT Seminar – Final – Learning Problem Statements v 2.0

Assignment:  Based on the research, the expert interviews, and chats with learners, revise your learning problem. Include: WHO needs to learn WHAT and WHY it is important. Include citations from research, and insights gained from interviews with experts and learners. Post your updated “problems” here. Response: Problem Statement Communities, companies and countries have to be able to share knowledge and educate their peers in order to thrive. The traditional methods of doing so are through books, talks, documentaries, and interviews. We want to learn from the best, understand how they do it and be more like them. But sometimes we … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Final – Learning Problem Statements v 2.0”

LDT Seminar – Final – Learner's Chat

Assignment:  You know a lot about the challenge generally, now you want to get to know your target learner.  In pairs, spend at least 30 minutes chatting with two different target learners, one for each problem.  If your learner is a child, talk to a parent.  (Note: ALWAYS get parent permission when talking to minors.) Write up a one-page brief documenting what you learned about this learner’s goals, context, challenges, and assets. Look for insights into possible opportunities to solve real problems.  Add your brief here. Response: Chatted with Matej and Omair about what would be the features in a LMS that would … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Final – Learner's Chat”

Zehavit Kohen – Promoting Life-long Learning Skill in our Teachers

Very interesting talk by Dr. Zehavit Kohen about how LLL skills along with teacher centered teaching, vs student centered teaching. Teachers must learn to become LLL themselves to be able to teach more effectively. I was interested in the LLL aspect of her research since those are the skills that are needed to motivate adults to continue education… who knows, online.

LDT Seminar – Week 10 – Udemy Interview

  Interviewed two top execs at Udemy today about how might we help experts publish online courses. Here are the questions and some notes: In your own words, how would you describe Udemy’s role in the educational market? Strong focus on continuing education content Create high quality content to be able to attend the needs of the learners What are the biggest challenges it faces in attending to the learner’s needs and goals? Create mind set that learning is something you have to do continuosly. How do we educate people about continuing with their own education. How to install a … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 10 – Udemy Interview”

LDT Seminar – Week 9 – Class Notes

Who Am I? Talk this week: Erica Chesley Reuben Thiesen Second half, Stanford’s Dr. Bruce McCandiss, PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, talks about a new field of Educational Neuroscience that can do three important things:   providing a new view on understanding how experts are wired up,   a new view on how children come to a new learning challenge (i.e. reading) with a diverse set of resources and individual differences that matter, and a way of understanding the mechanisms by which learning experiences can drive changes in mental abilities and brain connections.   Response: With ever-evolging realtime, detailed 3D moving images of the … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 9 – Class Notes”

LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Class Notes

Today we met at the d.School and started of with talks by: Shelley Williamson Anastasia Radeva Camila Farias Then we had a very interesting session lead by Dr. Susan Wise from the d.K12 Lab Network, the longest running lab in d.School. We found a partner and designed a product for him… in all of less than hour. My product was for Marc Campasano. The idea was to make him have a greater appreciation for jokes by reading negative or serious statements. Went around the room and collected some jokes and some serious quotes… the jokes were fun… but the serious … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Class Notes”

LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Expert Interview

I interviewed Candice Thille, Ann Porteous, Sara Rutheford-Quach, and Karin Forssell regarding my learning problem. The greatest take-away for me was the vast amount of research and practice that has already happened. The depth and width of the problem space is enormous yet it helped me immensely in understanding the need to become more specific and focus on areas that interest me the most and with which I have the most familiarity with. Learners’ goals: From the learner’s perspective, I understood from the interviews that there is a real challenge in knowing how to effectively create, publish, run and/or lead … Continue reading “LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Expert Interview”