LDT Seminar – Week 7 – Class Notes

Today we met at the d.School and started of with talks by:

  1. Shelley Williamson
  2. Anastasia Radeva
  3. Camila Farias


Then we had a very interesting session lead by Dr. Susan Wise from the d.K12 Lab Network, the longest running lab in d.School.

We found a partner and designed a product for him… in all of less than hour. My product was for Marc Campasano. The idea was to make him have a greater appreciation for jokes by reading negative or serious statements. Went around the room and collected some jokes and some serious quotes… the jokes were fun… but the serious quotes had little affect on how much he enjoyed the jokes. Guess he appreciates them enough already 🙂

The one designed for me was quite a bit more interesting. Somehow he derived from my experience in shutting down a business, having several meetings and learning from it. His app would read my Calendar items and after each meeting it would prompt me for feedback on the meeting with questions like, “How did it make you feel?”, “What did you learn”, and so on… great idea!

IMG_1117 IMG_1118