Learning Environments – Week 10 – Assignment

A little late but here is my response to Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Opressed” “In order for this struggle to have meaning, the oppressed must not, in seeking to regain their humanity (which is a way to create it), become in turn oppressors of the oppressors, but rather restorers of the humanity of both” p. 28 The idea that the oppressed become the oppressors is a powerful one and evidenced throughout history. It is actually happening now in Brazil with the workers party which when finally got into power, became corrupt themselves and geared all their efforts to stay … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 10 – Assignment”

Learning Environments – Week 10 – Class Notes

Our activity was a success! Everyone was engaged and the groups came up with great school names, logo, and phylosophies. This also lead to a long discussion in the debriefing session. The class then continued with discussion about Freire’s Pedagogy of the Opressed. Very interesting and close to home.    

Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Czar group meeting

Met with Cody and Nikita at Columbae – a living coop – different from a fraternity/sorority – a communal house. Great vegetarian food. Worked out the mechanics of the activity we’re going to lead tomorrow: Freire Pitch Night  We will split the class into 6 groups. Each group is going to create a Freire School who’s guiding principle is the quote received. 20 minutes to create a 2 minutes long pitch to a panel of investors and parents (the rest of the class) Deliverables Name Logo Moto / slogan Brief description of their strategy Twist: Halfway through the process we … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Czar group meeting”

Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Czars Meeting 1

Met with our professors Shelley Goldman and Roy Pea (via phone) and the other 2 members of the team: Nikita Michael Bogdanov and Cody Oliver Karutz Talked a little about Freire’s big ideas and how might we propose an activity that will make people think about it, engage with it and come back with ides for a discussion. We are going to divide the class into smaller groups and hand each group a main idea from the readings. Each group will have to design a school based on this main idea, giving it a name and creating a 2 minute pitch of … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Czars Meeting 1”

Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Notes

“Pedagogy of the Oppressed” Paulo Freire 1972 Dehumanization of the opressed False generosity – false charity -> true would be to teach them to work and transform the world “And this fight, because of the purpose given it by the oppressed, will actually constitute an act of love opposing the lovelessness which lies at the heart of the oppressor’s’ violence, lovelessness even when clothed in false generosity.” p. 29 “The pedagogy of the oppressed is an instrument for their critical discovery that both they and their oppressors are manifestations of dehumanization.” p. 34 For opressor, to be is to have … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 10 – Reading Notes”

Learning Environments – Week 10 – Mind Map

Got all the post its from our group meeting, typed them up and created some mind maps… grouping is coming along but I’m thinking about applying the learning theories to the environment I was observing previously. Watson No divide between man and brute Locke Experience Sense Perception Blank slate Association “Smoothing of paths” – learning Learning with the World Embodied cognition Learn through senses Experiential learning Montessori Student centered teaching Clock metaphor – wind it instead of moving its arms Play Very precise language: long-thick Self-directed Don’t force it. Don’t correct it. Natural curiosity Stimuli Make “spontaneous observers” Guidance needed Sense training Experience their senses Experiential learning Intrinsic motivation Mixed age grouping Dewey Experiential learning Thoughts are creative & novel – can’t be communicated Are you learning the right thing? Correct answer & … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 10 – Mind Map”

Learning Environments – Week 9 – Class Notes

Very fruitful discussion about situated learning and Legitimate Peripheral Participation. Reading Czar’s activity was to to learn Slovenian. Half the group went outside to learn by speaking. I stayed in the group that was not allowed to talk and had only text to study from. Second half of the class we hear from Shuli Gilutz, LDT & PhD from Tel-Aviv University, Israel about her journey.

Learning Environments – Week 9 – Reading Assignment

Assignment “Situated Learning” by Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger – dense! Response “Viewing learning as legitimate peripheral participation means that learning is not merely a condition for membership, but is itself an evolving form of membership. We conceive of identities as long-term, living relations between persons and their place and participation in communities of practice. Thus identity, knowing, and social membership entail one another.” (Lave & Wenger, Ch. 2) This conceptual lens of viewing learning as a social practice remits to the concept of collective consciousness (Durkheim, E., 1893) and collective intelligence. It places knowledge in the ether between practitioners and apprentices, within their interactions, and along their life cycle. … Continue reading “Learning Environments – Week 9 – Reading Assignment”

Learning Environments – Week 8 – Class Notes

We drew mind maps of all the learning theories we read in class – amazing peek into how other people think and organize their cognition. Here’s mine followed by Matej’s. 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 Reading Czars ruled again today – great group activity – Group pictionary