Bike almost done

Long day waiting for the tune up – been here since 10am – now 4:30 🙁
All good since the bike has no issues appart from the usual wear and
tear 🙂

I would like to thank the guys at Thousand Oaks Yamaha for being so speedy and attentive to details on my bike – performing a major tune up in one day!! Thanks guys!

2 Replies to “Bike almost done”

  1. So I looked at some of your pictures since Yellowstone and it looks like you have seen some beautiful things! So what did you think of the Tetons coming south out of Yellowstone!? Later that day I caught a ride to Jackson and am STILL here. It has been so much fun hanging out in this town (even though I didn’t really have an option because of all the snow we got). Definately a place i could live though. Thanks for posting the picture of me…it’s something fun for my parents to see. Once again…it was awesome meeting you and thank you for your generosity. Valeu Lucas!

  2. Didn’t see much of the Titons. That morning I left I got heave snow about an hour south of the Old Faithful Inn… pretty cold – had to hide behind the windscreen with the helmet’s visor up to be able to see! By the time I got to Jackson the conditions were slightly better.
    Keep me posted on your progress as well!

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