Brazilian Education – Week 7 – Class Notes

David Planck

  • economist to politics
  • Anisio Teixeira – his hero
  • Published his book in 1992
  • education boils down to two unattainable goals: more and better

Bob Verhine 

  • 1995 started big changes
  • FUNDEF was a great move by the Ministry of Education
  • It was a move to redistribute the resources more fairly between State and Municipalities
  • FUNDEB now puts them on the same side
  • Teacher salaries are now part of the law with a minimum set


  • Bolsa Familia made a big impact in education by tying school attendance to receiving this benefit
  • What happens outside of school is as important as to what happens within the school systems
  • Nowadays you have ‘concursos’ to hire teachers but now they are ‘punished’ each time who is in power changes