Brazilian Education – Week 9 – Class Notes

We had a very controversial and heated discussion in class today. The presentation was lead by Professor Grün:

“Professor Roberto Grün is the author of 4 books and 50 articles on immigration, economic and financial sociology. Professor Grün teaches Organizational Behavior and Sociology in the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, where he leads the “Center for Economic and Financial Sociology (NESEFI)”. He is currently the Joaquim Nabuco Chair in Brazilian Studies at Stanford’s Center for Latin American Studies.”

He believes that scandals, regardless of guilt, happen when stakeholders, the opposition, the media, and the public opinion are in synchronicity and start acting at a fast pace. Loosely quoting him: ‘We as scientists look at the mechanisms, not at guilt.’

Regardless of the phenomena, guilt should be evidenced and punished, regardless of the size of the scandal, in my opinion.