Busted – version 0

Busted, our final project for Computers for the Rest of You has its first version of code and the box.
First I created a hot spot recorder – you play any movie and with your mouse you keep the hot spot box on top of the areas the game player should not look into.
I save the location of the box at each point in time of the movie to a file.
Click HERE for the code (Processing).
Then I created another application, the actual game.
The game tracks where the user is looking at. If they look at the hot spot regions, the get Busted!
At the end of the game you get your “Busted Index”.
Click HERE for the code (Processing). And here is the video – we used a scene from James Bond for the initial version.

On the hardware side of it, Caleb put together the “observation” box. You peer into the box where you will see the movie. A camera inside is fixed looking at the user’s eye to track where he’s looking at.