Bye bye Ny!

So my trip has started – going from NY to Sao Paulo, Brazil on my motorcycle!

Crazy? Yes – a little – but it’s the perfect timing.

NY and ITP were great – learned so much and met many interesting people, not to mention some good friends that I had not seen in a while!

So – first day riding – colder than I expected and less cell phone coverage than expected. Right now for example – at a dinner 2 hours north of NY heading towards Woodstock and Platekill Mt where I broke my ankle 12 years ago – just want to see the mountain again 🙂

Will probably stop around 4 pm and find a camping site to sleep.

Going to be alone until I get to LA – my friend who was supposed to come with me from LA could not make it. In LA I will meet up with another friend who will go until SP with me 🙂

Photos and videos to come later.

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