Pixel Park

As some of you may know I’ve been setting up a small school / gallery space here in São Paulo in a space owned by my father… well it’s literally under his house – a sphere.
The school is called Institudo de Artes Interativas or Interactive Arts Institute.
iAi (eeh-ah-eeh) in Portuguese means “so?” in the sense of “what’s going on?”
Our slogan is a question.
iAi? Como funciona?
So? How does it work?
In any case, I met with Liana Brazi, Russ Rive and Marcelo Pontes fom SuperUber some months ago and we realized that their work and what I want to teach here at the school are completely in line.
They were looking for a space for their first self-signed exhibit.
I was trying to explain what I wanted to teach here at iAi.
I immediately offered the space. It was a perfect match!
Pixel Park starts next week – Aug 11 to 23!!
The setup is looking great!Veja também os videos das obras do SuperUber!