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HCI 547 – Week 9 – Class Notes


Good talk by Lorrie Cranor from Carnegie Mellon University entitled “Conducting Usable Privacy and Security Studies: It’s Complicated”

Main take-away: warning messages are mostly ignored and are starting to be designed differently. They must stand out over system messages in the case of browser vulnerability and other risks that are related to the person’s identity and privacy.

Human-Computer Interaction

So… changed from HCI 247 to HCI 547 (studio vs. seminar) It was going to be too much work for the quarter to take 247 but since still wanted to stay in touch with the subject, 547 offers a great alternative.

Amazing videos and lecturers – went to the first class today (missed the first two) – and the topic was “Transforming Design: Interaction with Robots and Cars” by Wendy Ju, Stanford University