Computational Forms

This is the 4th class I am taking – “Computational Forms” taught by Jared Schiffman – a class that will look at building and creating 3D forms programmatically using C and openGL… yikes! Should be very interesting. One of my goals in this class is to create more efficient code for the eye tracking/photo rating tool that I have been working on for the past year (SPiRT)- Java was great for the first prototypes but to really create an efficient display application that tracks the eyes, rates the pictures and creates a database/web site with the findings I will have to do it in C since I intend to create a dynamic 3D world with inputs from a camera, a pointing device (VR glove or a Wiimote like device), photos and game play.
On another note, while going through Amit Pitaru’s site I was amazed by his Sonic Wire Sculptor… check out the movie! Basically he created a rotating 3D space that allows the user to draw on. The lines drawn generate sounds. These lines remain in the 3D space so that you can draw multiple lines and create a sound space with your drawing. The sounds are also placed in 3D so that if you have a surround sound setup, you will actually hear the sounds in the 3D space according to where the lines are within the virtual 3D space. Wow….