Core Mechanics – Week 1.1 – Class Notes


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Core Mechanics come from the Game world – what are the mechanics that a user goes through while playing a game – and the course looks at how there mechanics apply to learning.

We’re going to look at the “ABC’s of How we Learn” – a book our TA’s and Dan Schwartz wrote. TAs: Kristen Blair & Jessica Tsang

A is for Analogy

Learn from examples

H is for Hands On

Educations works nest when all the partes are working:
Teacher <-> Students <-> Parents

F is for Feedback

Not all feedback is good… be carefull or thoughtfull

Readings – focus on methods and findings – most people focus on introduction and conclusion – we’re going to flip it.

Assignment – Graph

  • Upload to Dropbox section in Coursework before Friday 7am.
    • PowerPoint – name file with your last name
  • Activity
    • We were shown pairs of words: Synonims, Opposites, Generative words
    • Try to memorize words
    • Write down words you remember
    • Check your results
    • Submit results
  • Assignment
    • Draw a graph with the data

Activity #2

Go to one of the links below and explore one of the simulations.

Talk about the:

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Did the designers do well?
  3. How could they improve?

Good class – still deciding if I’m going to take it or not…