Curriculum Construction – Week 4 – Class Notes

Great class again lead by our ‘master-teacher’ Denise Pope.

  • Housekeeping
    • Group sites – arrange a meeting
    • Write your Curriculum Rationale (see photo)
    • Be aware of your site’s ideology for curriculum construction
    • 1 to 2 pages – max 3 pages
  • Definition of Understanding
    • Being able to explain it
    • Apply underlying concepts onto other situations or disciplines
  • Has to be hands-on but even more so minds-on

During class we practiced create “Essential Questions” and “Essential Understandings” for a hypothetical lesson on the US Bill Of Rights




Assignment for next week – Curriculum Rationale


After class our group (Celine Zhagn, Lisa Jiang, Mohamad Haj Hasan) went to speak to Allison O’Hair from the Graduate School of Business (GSB). She is helping redesign their Data and Decisions course for next winter incorporating a blended-learning approach. It is a perfect opportunity for us the help design a curriculum at its conception.