Data Visualization

For “Computers for the Rest of You” we have to plot data we recorded from a wearable device and plot it in an interesting way.
I wore an accelerometer that connected to a J2ME application on a phone via Bluetooth… the data was then sent to the computer via Bluetooth again using a Java app to read the serial port. Another Java program then processes the data to convert the bytes into floats.
I then wrote a program to draw a wobbling sphere in C/OpenGL.
Now I just have to port the Java program into C/OpenGL so that I can read the data in the later and display the sphere moving according to real data.
This video shows the movement of the sphere using the keyboard to change its parameters… Not quite what I want but it will do for now.

What I really wanted was to write a program that simulates a sphere with surface tension in zero gravity just like this one: