6 Replies to “Day 20 & 21 – Photos”

  1. Hey Lucão!

    Have been following!
    Loved La Paz, nice beautiful town!
    Did some research on the net about it!
    I was able to pinpoint your hotel and the “El Patron” with the google earth!!
    Nice text there!! Hope you guys have a safe trip!

    No Video from La Paz to Mazatlán or from Mazatlán to Puerto Vallarta?
    Hope some videos pop up soon!

    Take care man!

    Roberto Lima.

  2. Hey Lucão one more question!

    Is there any way we can follow you with google earth?
    Is there an application that can do that?

    Roberto Lima.

  3. oie! haven’t been leaving too many comments, but am following…
    what beautiful places! the ‘waiting for the ferry’ picts are surprisingly beautiful. from the bike ride videos I didn’t think the scenery was that beautiful!
    adorei a história da con gas que virou a conga! 🙂
    um beijo grandao,

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