Day 21, 22 & 23 Videos

Finally got good internet to upload the videos 🙂

Day 21 – Waiting for the ferry – quick video

Day 21 – La Paz to Puerto Vallarta:

Day 22 – Puerto Vallarta to La Ticla:

Day 23 – La Ticla to Zihuatanejo – pitty I didn’t get the bike’s rescue on video – it was lifted by a chain placed on the crash bars – surprisingly easy for the tractor/crane to take it out. If we had to muscle it out it would’ve been quite hard!

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  1. ok, my turn. i will add my side of the story and fill in a few more details.

    first, placing the bike in the river next to the road was entirely intentional. my boots claimed to be waterproof. i wanted to make sure. this was the simplest way to find out and seemed quite logical.

    second, crane…what crane? not sure if you can tell, but i was yanking the bike out of the water with my bare hands. look closely at the video, i am leaned over pulling the bike out of the water. the guys were maneuvering the large crane but i waved them off.

    seriously, the whole episode looks worse that it was. it was a very slow drop and within 10 minutes the bike was out of the water and we were on our way. i got to give a shout out to the highway 200 crew — little jose, big jose, jose and jose — they did a great job. thanks guys.

    ari has more pictures…ari, if you are out there, get in touch. we miss your conspiracy theories. and i want to see those pictures.

  2. marc, conspiracy theories my ass. i would read the comment as mere sarcastic humor if this was not the second time you offended me. on the first occasion you called my opinions “crazy talk.” when in turn i asked what your opinions were on the matter of two wars gone “wrong,” you could barely conjure up a comprehensible sentence. so please, don’t belittle me mate.

    i hold a master of international law and international affairs from the university of london. what is your expertise again? hmmm, kind of arrogant for a guy, who has no specialties in the field, but the audacity to label my opinions “crazy talk” — get real. stick to media or whatever it is you do. i don’t recall you having a credible alternative explanation. but then again, what is so “conspiracy theory” about what i said? in my experience, the ignorant tend to attack the well-versed with pathetic sound bites like “crazy-talk,” “conspiracy theorist,” “liberal,” or god forbid “lefty,’ so as to discredit contrary opinions.

    in any event, if you care to fact check anything i told you that night, please feel free to email me when you get home. i will give you a hefty list of reading materials, so that you are less inclined to ridicule my thought processes if we should ever meet again. also, marc, i sincerely hope you were only speaking on your own behalf because by the look of lucas’ face, he was in agreement for the most part. lucas, perhaps you’re one of those crazy lefty liberal anti-american south american communists in disguise — i don’t know.

    now that i’ve finally vented and cleared my thoughts, on a more sober (less belligerent) note, i am well and alive. i’ve been checking up on lucas’s blog on a couple of occasions (i’m currently posting my own). i’m really enjoying it — keep on posting dude.

    i’m in acapulco. from your earlier posting, it seems like i managed to get here before you guys that day when you were so keen on making the 314 mile run. anyway, i got a 2 bedroom beach-front condo, so i decided to park myself here for a while. there was a reputable kawasaki dealer in town, so i thought it would be smart to have the valves adjusted and fluids changed. plus, i’m taking some luxury down time to post my own blog. i should have the pictures and text up in the next couple of days. i’ll be posting to

    peace…and stay safe you guys,


  3. marc, despite my last bitchin’ comment, i found your posting describing the “bmw-in-ditch” incident very amusing. well written. i laughed my ass off when you finished it off with “..the hwy 200 crew…little jose, big jose…”

    funny to boot.

    peace…hope to meet with you guys again at some point. keep in touch. you never when we’ll need each other on the road.


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