Day 25 – Playa Ventura to Huatulco

Last night we stopped at a very small beach town a bit before where we
wanted to get to since it was already dark. Marc and I had a hard time
sleeping due the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and a dog that would not
stop barking. Around 3am I managed to to finally sleep with my iPod
We woke up pretty early and hit the road. We got to Puerto Escondido
and had lunch there at a cute restaurant in front of the beach.
We got some tips there and decided to do a little less riding than
planned today and stay in a nice hotel with air conditioner, so we
stopped at Huatulco in a hotel called Las Brisas. The place is HUGE.
Met a Mexican guy – Mario – who had run a triathlon yesterday and gave
us some good tips as far as where to go.
We are thinking about not going to Belize and stick to a more straight
route since it will be both shorter and more scenic… let's see how
the planning goes later on tonight.
Todays video turned out to be pretty boring today so don't expect
much 🙂