Day 26 – Huatulco to Tuxla Gutierrez

Great day of riding – for me at least – Marc was tired and didn't seem
to enjoy it as much as I did…
The twisty roads were many… the cross winds were CRAZY!
Took tons of videos but the internet connection here is terrible so I
don't know if they are going to go tonight.
In summary we left the mega resort in Huatulco called Las Islas and
immediately got some nice winding roads along the coast.
We then hit some flatter roads with quite a bit of traffic.
We then cut inland and went up some amazing mountains.
We met another lone rider – at first I thought it was Ari – but it
turned out to be West, from California, also riding a KLR. We rode
together for a little bit but I think he stopped to take some pictures
and we lost him – kind of hard for a 650cc to keep up with our 1150cc
and 999cc.
We got to Txcla Gutierrez at night – quite a big city with big traffic
as well – the hotel we got is also big and quite nice.
We tried to do some laundry but all the places were closed already –
will do tomorrow morning maybe.
Tomorrow we're going to do some sight seeing in San Cristobal de Las
Casas and Palenque – about 3 hours away.
While parking our bikes we ran into a group of locals who had been
traveling around this region for the past 13 days filming a tourism
video. Lots of tips and ideas of what to see.
All is good here… no economic crisis fortunately here for us…
scary to hear about it "out there"…