Day 33 – Coban to Panajachel

WOW – Marc and I agreed that today was one of the best riding we have
ever had in our lives!
After our morning meeting with Trickle Up we hit the road towards Lake
Atitlan (apparently being considered to enter the list of one of the 7
natural wonders of the world). We had no idea what to expect.
Again we could take 2 roads – the long paved route or a shorter
smaller road with unpaved stretches. At the decision point we were
told that it would be only 30km of dirt so we went for it.
The reward was inexplicable. Not a single straight mile. The dirt was
fun. Wet but not slippery. Rocky but not too dusty. The temperature
was ideal. No traffic. Gorgeous views. Colorful and cheerful people in
the villages.
Even when it got dark the road was well marked and appart from the pot
holes it was still great fun to ride on!
We drfintely put our bikes through all of their paces.
The lake looks promissing – we got here at night so we will have a
good morning surprise.
Text only today – the Internet is out in the town.

5 thoughts on “Day 33 – Coban to Panajachel

  1. marcos

    Now that was a great video. how are those tires working out? can you compare them to the pirelli scorpions you had originally?

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  2. Raffaella

    Hahahahaha… my behind started hurting when you guys were passing the dirt & holes… that’s when you stood up and said “yeah, its better standing up!” hahahahaha morri de rir!
    GMTA com o video??? Nossa e que treta o caminhao… and also wow, what a good microphone… not so wow with the Sta. Efigenia song there, Frank!
    I second Marcos: that was a good video 🙂 cheers!

  3. longoeu

    loved that transparent bridge. how come not many more are like that?
    the guy who invited for staying overnight was cute. it´s wonderful to hear your route feelings. sta efigenia song is new to me.i keep wondering why the helmet (capacete) with camera remains still! enjoying some really very happy moments there ugh? i am happy with you!p

  4. Lucas Longo

    Marcos – Tires are working out great but being chewed up very fast. Going to have to put new ones in Costa Rica or Panama… might put them on again just because we see quite a bit of dirt roads.
    They definitely are not as smooth on the road – I can feel the knobs when I transition from one turn to the other…
    Raffa – hehehe – will refrain from the singing 🙂
    Dad – that was the first transparent bridge I’ve seen – pity I didn’t look straight down. Never heard of Sta. Efigencia? Check out on the right and you might be able to hear it – you will like it. What do you mean by the helmet camera remain still?

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Lucão!

    Wow, I agree with you…best ride(video for me) by far!!
    Guatemalans seems to be a very nice people!
    What about that truck!!
    How the hell the driver managed to do that??
    Very nice trip!!

    Keep on posting!


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