Day 39 – Granada to San Juan del Sur

Another WOW day! Very different from yesterday!
Had a good breakfast at the hotel with Martin and Lorena and went
with them to see the Masaya Volcano near Granada – very toxic and
Then stopped at the Laguna de Apoyo to have lunch.
Here’s their blog – very cool blog –
mostly pictures – sometimes I wonder if I write too much 🙂
After lunch we went to San Juan del Sur – was a short ride today but
put us right next to the border of Costa Rica which we we’ll do
In San Juan I did a little beach riding which was great fun (check the
video tomorrow probably) and then we found a very – very – very nice
hotel. The lobby was incredible with an infinity pool overlooking the
beach and the town.
Since we were in four we got a “casita” – a small house – when we got
it we were all flabbergasted. For $75 a person we got this amazing
house for the night.
We just had dinner, and are now chatting away… a very great day…
one of those days that the whole trip dawns on you and you feel
blessed and infinitely happy in that moment.

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9 Replies to “Day 39 – Granada to San Juan del Sur”

  1. Hey Lucas,
    just finished catching up, from day1 till today.
    WOW!! now I’ll have a daily routine.
    Give my jewish love to Marc, too

  2. .”…one of those days that the whole trip dawns on you and you feel blessed….”- great!
    i agree with Aviva-don’t do less wrighting, you do it very well!
    Martin and Lorena or Rafaela as you wrote…?
    Their blog has very good and revealing photos. Perhaps their focus is more about tourism while yours is more about the bike riding, correct? beijos

  3. Very interesting to hear the comments and follow you on the road
    Very thrilling, maybe you can sell
    your videos to Hollywood. Have a safe trip both, and keep us posted

  4. No, no, you dont talk too much..
    .I love your descriptions, comments emotions, etc.
    They are great!
    I am learning a lot and I am entering the sites of these hotels….i think you can make a guide from a-z hotels…

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