Day 45 1/2 – Panama City

Ufff… what a long day… 11pm and at a hotel close to the airport.
After about 2 hours in the Cargo Terminal we were told that there was no space for the motorcycles on today’s flight – and the next flight goes out on Tuesday or Wednesday with a slight chance of it being on Monday…
So the information we had previously was not totally incorrect – there ARE flights every day – but not flights that they allow motorcycles on.
So on Monday we’ll call the sales supervisor and try to use our charm to convince her to put the bikes on the Monday flight.
The reason for flying is that there is NO ROAD between Panama and Colombia! It’s called the Darian Gap. It’s the missing link of the Pan-American Highway – ecological, political, and probably guerilla/farc reasons have prevented this road being built.
In the meantime we will do some laundry, visit the Panama Canal and wait I guess 🙂

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  1. never heard about that gap, what a surprise.”The Darién Gap is a large swath of undeveloped swampland and forest separating Panama (Central America) and Colombia (South America). It measures just over 160 km (100 miles) long and about 50 km (30 miles) wide. It is not possible to cross between South America and Central America by land without passing through the Darién Gap. Roadbuilding through this area is expensive, and the environmental toll is steep. Political consensus in favor of road construction has not emerged. There is no existing road connection through the Darién Gap connecting North/Central America with South America. It is therefore the missing link of the Pan-American Highway”. from Wikypedia

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