Day 48 – Bogota

So the bikes were not shipped last night so staying another day in

Going to do some tourism around town…

We went to eat at Casa Vieja – a restaurant with regional food – quite tasty – and then walked around the historic part of town called Candelaria. The weather cleared up a little so we took a cable car up to Montserate – which I wonder if the word come from serrated mountain or mountain with fog – anyone?

And here are the photos:

From Motorcycle NY to SP

At night we went out to meet a friend of a friend of Marc’s and had a beer at a local spot in the Center of town… we then went to Zona G looking for Harry’s Bar but no one knew where it was (very strange) and then we went to Zona T where all the bars and restaurants are to grab a bite to eat… Tuesday night so not too much going on… 

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  1. only now i discovered the videos crossing into panama and kat’s humble abode. it is really humble! does she actually lives there? by herself? wow!
    nice images of your ocean dip and the katwalk 🙂
    about when are you supposed to be arriving in SP?
    hope the bikes have a comfy flight. besos p

  2. Yes – it’s hard to keep track of new videos when I don’t have internet – I try to put a post saying that there are new videos.

    Video is late since the GPS tracking device is on the motorcycles 🙂

  3. So yes – Kat lives there by herself – it’s an indigenous tribe so it’s safe – and she’s stationed there for 2 years volunteering with the Peace Corps.
    We’re supposed to arrive in Sao Paulo before Christmas – around the 18th we hope 🙂

  4. anything you need in bogota let me know.
    open the lonely planet on line to see their suggestions for bogota.
    love suzana

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